Friday, 9 May 2008

Distributed Research

Can we distribute research and innovation? What does Wikipedia do, in terms of stimulating a group of people who have never met (in most cases) to work on an article as part of an online encyclopedia?

Does the semantic web (promise) bring a new set of links? Or less? What can the Internet, the web and computers do for us?

The most famous distributed research project is the Earth, a planet that was set to decide on the question. A previous project had found that the answer was 42, but that was no enough! Somehow we had to find the question that matched the answer. The program ran for millions of years, when, in Rickmansworth, the question had been divined, only to me lost when the Earth was destroyed to make way for a bypass.

We are lost in time and space and meaning. It is only the presence of mind that keeps us locked into the matrix....

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