Friday, 25 April 2008

The Raw and The Cooked

I have been thinking again about the large and the small. Quantum mechanics and general relativity, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, the Board of Directors and the workforce.

Schrödinger's cat? Yeah, an event at the quantum level linked to the life of a cat. So what? The observation of the wave function means the cat lives or dies. Life is cheap. Can we decide that the cat is dead without more than a glance inside a box anyway?

The search for a theory of everything is the search for a quantum theory of all the fundamental forces of nature. Is this possible? Has the creator censored the small print?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bank to Monument and back again

Bank vs. Monument
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The closure of interchange between the lines at Bank and Monument station was not as clear this leaflet suggested. You can still go between the Monument platforms and Bank (Northern Line) via the orginal "escalator" connection. The new tunnel to the DLR level has been closed.

Another interchange that is still possible without going outside the stations to ground level is between the Northern Line and the Central Line. Some routes have become one way, but still possible if you ignore the signs.

Maybe this will change before August 2009?