Monday, 19 November 2007


I have been listening to Led Zeppelin (Presence, "For Your Life") and the pauses in the soundscape. It appears that the gaps between the sounds of John Bohnham's fine drumwork are often much more important the actual noise of a stick on a skin.

John Cage did try to alert us to the power of the pause, but nearly five minutes of silence was probably too much, with or without a piano.

I have also been listening to Cage's prose, and marvel at his mastery of words. Cage had taken an interest in Zen and the Tao, using the "I Ching" for composition.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Nike ID, No ID

Nike ID
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This is an exquisite example of the false choices given to modern consumers. The colours of shoe design can chosen onlarge touch sensitive displays in the Nike shop at Oxford Circus. Or online: here

The Nike symbol is called a "swoosh". Go figure. I thought it was a classical reference.