Friday, 19 June 2009

Lager as a metaphor


Lager one of two main types of beer; the other being ale."

Real Ale in the UK is still a minority drink, compared to lager. The bland taste, the almost freezing temperature and the standard quality are tempting; complex tastes, room temperature and variable quality are avoided by the majority. In the past, only ales would have been available, and mild was drunk since it was low in alcohol.

Don't get me wrong. I drink lager as as well as real ale. In Spain I was surprised to find the "Alahambra" brewery, and drank the beer in Granada, a few steps from the brewery.

What bugs me is the uniformity and the standards. Our culture is now very homogeneous. We like the look, so that singer has to be an attractive young woman to succeed. Everything, from politics to shampoo has to fit the brief, whittled out of focus groups.

Your face has to fit. And if doesn't, then you are in trouble....

In Farenheit 451 the state is trying very hard to make all people the same, to reduce variance. Books are likely to make people think, and be different. Hence, all books are burnt.