Friday, 22 June 2007


I don't blog a great deal: that much is obvious! But I like to invite people to groups, so I either create the groups, or invite people to existing groups.

This week, three people have told me to stop sending them invites to groups, that is on Facebook, FLICKR or both.

I guess I don't understand the online community yet.


Linda said...

Hi Loopzilla, I know you love to invite people to groups. It feels like giving them a gift. I do it too. I like thinking "Oooh x would love this group.." but you invite people repeatedly to the same groups. This just annoys people. I eventually worked out on Flickr that if I didn't respond by clicking 'No' and just ignored the invite it stopped you from inviting me again. I was only half joking when I accused you of having a bot that issued automatic invites.

LoopZilla said...

I thought the software took care of multiple invites? Ho hum....

It does on FLICKR, for sure!